A quick one – Africans can really earn a living online by writing

A lot of educated young persons in Africa yearn for a means of earning income. Here is one valid and simple way.

Let’s write, Africa is creative

In this Success Daily, we point towards freelance writing as a working online or work from home option for young and senior Africans alike.

About freelance writing

Whether African or Asian, we are all connected to the Internet, we go online to find information, and written content (text) is the major volume of content you can find online. All those content were written by people, and a major portion of those people may well be freelance writers.

A freelance is someone offering services to clients on their own. They are not employed by a single company but rather gets tasks or gigs from various interested parties. In the case of freelance writing, the task is to write content ranging from blog posts to reports and ebooks.

About freelance writing for the youth and Africa

Social media and social networks is a starting point to the potentials of freelancing as one solution to massive unemployment in the continent. What is the number of Africans online? 526,710,313 Internet users are found in Africa as at December 2020, with 39.3% penetration rate. There were also 211,611,701 Facebook subscribers in Africa as at Dec, 2019, with 15.9% penetration rate.

About half of the number of Internet users in Africa are on Facebook, and what are they doing while they are online? Posting content and commenting on posts. That is a good starting point for the move to something more serious and financially productive – freelancing. That is the way we see it.

It is safe to assume that a large portion of Africans online are literate, and as education deepens on the continent, more young and older persons will join the pool of potential freelance writers.

Who can write?

Anyone who is literate (meaning who can read and write) in at least a chosen language can write. A lot of literate Africans can read and write at least one of French or English language.

There is no age restriction – no one cares what your age is when looking for a writer, they only care about your skills. There is no location barrier too – while some people are specific about who writes for them by asking for first language writers, most clients are only looking for skilled writers.

If you have been baring your mind via Facebook walls and other social media then you can come over to see if freelance writing is a thing for you. You may start by taking a course this Weekend and then learn more about this online work option. There are also several resources available online for you to read to know more about Freelance Writing.

The pen is mighty – it brings money

You can earn by writing and earn foreign currency too. We all know the dollar (USD) is stronger than most of the national currencies in Africa. That means you can earn some decent living by writing.

What (tools) do you need to get started writing online?

A pen, paper, and a tool to type whatever you write as an electronic document which can be sent to your client. A lot of times you will need to carry out some research to get facts and information to use while writing so having a computer or good smartphone at hand is also necessary.

In summary, to work as a freelance writer, you will need:

  • A computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • Pen and paper (or a device to write down your drafts)

What next? I am ready to become a freelance writer

Go ahead, there is nothing stopping you. Start reading how to become a freelance writer content, for example start with this one on our site showing a pathway for someone interested in starting a freelance writing career, take a course, grab a book, and when ready or when you start writing contact us.

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