About Weekends


Weekends.com.ng is a corporate blog developed by Skill Weekend. Skill Weekend develops, curates and provides resources that address skill gaps in the society. We conceived this website to help the needs of aspiring professionals, fresh graduates and ambitious youths.

Weekends.com.ng provides information for people so as to increase their knowledge of what opportunities exist and guide them in making the best career choices. The better the knowledge a youth has before they choose a career, the better their chances of getting employed and getting a job faster.

Aside information, we also lend our platform, Weekends.com.ng, to promote skilled youths. We do this through various avenues such as interviews, a mini-marketplace, online press coverage, and other approaches; what makes this more interesting is we offer these services for free.

Our content are purposeful and well-planned to deliver the objectives of the site.

How Businesses Partner with Us

  1. Sponsoring training in key fields.
  2. Recruiting through us
  3. Providing resources for traineers

If you want your business or organization to partner with us or you want to partner with us as your personal brand, you can contact us. We love to discuss with people about our projects whether or not it is about funding, hiring or sponsorship.