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Get WordPress Web Design skills

If you want to get into web development quickly, learn the tool that is behind 33% of all websites online – WordPress.

Basic requirements to get trained and started designing websites using WordPress (WP)

WordPress provides a means for easy creation and management of webpages (called posts and pages) on the Internet. Think about how you create documents in MSWord and you have a picture of a major part of WordPress. If you can create posts on social media platforms you also have a picture of a major part of WordPress.

Learning and using WordPress requires:

  • Having a computer (although there is a WordPress app, leave that for posting content on the site when the site is done, not for design and development)
  • An intermediate level knowledge of the use of computer applications such as desktop publishing apps. If you do not have skills in using software such as MSWord, you will have to spend more time before using WP becomes comfortable
  • Patience and attention to details. There is quite a lot of aspects involved in practical usage of WordPress so you must be ready to patiently study, learn, and master all those.
  • Little or no programming to start using. Yes, you may not need to learn programming to start designing with WordPress.
  • CSS and PHP knowledge. If you are going to become a more advanced user, you will need to learn some computer programming so you can make more modifications to the underlying look, feel, and functionalities of the themes and plugins that you use.
  • Web-hosting knowledge

Earning range for skilled WordPress web designers (freelancers)

You can expect to earn an average of $50 for creating basic WordPress websites. As your skill and quality increases, you may easily earn hundreds and above a thousand dollars creating websites for businesses and organizations.

Developing WP competency

Expect to spend hours developing your skills by reading, watching Youtube videos, and taking courses just like you would with any other advanced proficiency you are developing.

Computer skills needed for WordPress web design

You must be proficient in the use of computers to get into this field. You should have some experience using image editing application, multimedia and their various format, and general graphics and design principles.

If you have ever done some graphics work before, then WP can be a next skill for you.

What to learn to become a WordPress Web Designer

  • Web-hosting and a bit of knowledge about webservers
  • Get familiar with the concepts of WordPress
  • Knowing your way around whichever graphics editing software you would be using
  • Elements of good design, colors, layout, icons, typography, images and other resources used in creating websites
  • HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP

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