Skill Weekend

Learn Python programming this weekend

If you are new to coding (programming), Python is a good place to start from, and if you are going to do machine learning and artificial intelligence, Python awaits you.

The Skill Weekend 4-hours Friday programming class

Using our training-course with mentorship model, we get you started in the world of computer programming using the Python programming language. Welcome to the most rewarding 4-hours of your life.

Finally learn how to write computer programs starting with Python, a popular and versatile language

There are millions of programmers who have chosen Python and there are several thousands of jobs requiring Python programming skills available out there.

There are many things Python is used for; web design, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and games are only a few popular areas where Python is greatly used.

Why learn Python this weekend?

If you are thinking of machine learning or artificial intelligence, the top programming language to learn and understand is Python.

If you are new to coding (programming), Python is a good place to start from, and with only need a few hours of training with us you get to understand the key ideas behind programming computers; important knowledge that would help you when moving to any other programming languages.

Skill Weekend Programming Friday is right where you can understand what programming is and get started developing your programming skills.

Programming Friday class requirements

  1. Discipline and focus. A prepared mind.
  2. Computer-usage skills
  3. Device to use for typing and running programs preferably a laptop (on special cases a tablet, or good smartphone may be accepted)

Participation at the training event

This live physical class holds at Akure every Friday in June. Send an application to info @ for question and more details. Online application to the Python training class is here.

Virtual one-on-one training is available on special request.

Akure Python programming training flyer

Live physical classes currently running at Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

You can participate in this class and event from the comfort of your rooms and offices if you are not in Akure. You need to inform us ahead so you can get the IDEs, packages, settings etc the class requires before the event day.

Date: Fridays in June. June 4, June 11, June 18, June 25.
Time: 4.00pm Western Africa Time
Venue: Akure, location on registration confirmation

Python training flyer, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria event.

Where to from after a Python course?

If you are currently employed in a job role that can benefit from your Python skills, then you are in luck, but often that is not the case.

If you are planning to do data science or AI, then you take the shortest introductory course (eg a ML Weekends course) and get started immediately doing machine learning with Python.

If you are a student then begin to look at using Python as a problem solving tool in your assignments, projects, or research.

If you are an aspiring developer, you need a good Python book and preparations to learn Python for web development (Django in short), or Python for ML and AI.

In summary, from here you simply don’t stop again; move on to bigger things. Bigger things here is learning the next thing you can use the programming skills you have just acquired for. Bigger things is using the knowledge you just acquired to build the next .py creation.