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Logo design skills plan: from here to jobs and money

Thinking of getting logo design skills? Here is’s step-by-step actions with timing to guide you. A plan for going from here to jobs and money

Welcome to the ‘becoming a logo designer’ dream pathway. This schedule is timed, easily achievable and real.

First things

Note that you may need to come back to some steps over-and-over during your career life as a logo designer. Putting a time period on it does not mean once you spend 180 minutes on it now, you would never need to do the things spelled out in that step again.

The schedule is designed to help you get through the initial hurdle of cutting through the clutter and jungle of ‘how-tos’ to having a well-defined and clear objective of getting you to where you want to be – making money as a logo designer.

Stick to the logo design skills pathway schedule for now, once you are through with it, feel free to come back to any of the activities and step again.

Step 1: Do a skills audit on yourself

Logo design is ranked as a moderately easy skill to acquire here on Weekends. Yes, with logo design skills you can get employed as a freelancer and earn money, but before you jump in to the course you need to really know what other skills you need to succeed with that dream. Here are some ideas for the skill audit to get you started preparing yourself for the journey to logo designer.

  1. Do I have sketching or drawing skills?
  2. Am I good with colors?
  3. Do I possess design skills?
  4. Have I mastered the use of a graphics design software?
  5. Have I done some design work before?
  6. Do I know a bit about branding and the elements of branding?
  7. Am I good with computers and have reasonable knowledge software applications and their use?
  8. Do I know the skills required to be a good logo designer?

Time required: 60 minutes at most.
30 minutes to make notes of what you have and what you do not have. For No. 7, you may take another 30 minutes to search the Internet and make a list of the skills.

To do: You should now know in what areas you may need some training aside from the logo design training you are set out to get. That is where you should start your learning from. Depending on the results of your skill audit, you may need an additional week or a month to study or learn the skills you do not currently have.

Step 2: Make a list of all the resources you will need to begin your logo design training or practice

Having made a list of the skills you have and those that you do not have, you should go ahead to make another list of the resources you will need to begin learning logo design.

Here is a short list of things that come to mind.

  • A computer
  • Graphics design software
  • Illustration software
  • Logo design software
  • Logo design websites (online logo making applications)
  • Cute fonts (here comes typography)
  • Sources of graphics resources
  • Printer

Time required: 60 minutes at most.
30-60 minutes to research what resources are needed to create logos.


  • Except you are sure of your commitment to sticking through your plan to getting logo design skills and getting through to make a business of it, it is not advisable to invest a lot of money acquiring resources at this stage.
  • If you have a good computer now, that should do for starters.
  • Once you have made your first set of logos and are satisfied with it then you may begin to get more tools and resources to use in your trade.

To do

  • Get a computer if you do not have one already
  • Get graphics design software that comes at no cost (may be free, a 30-day trial, or cloud-based with free level)

Step 3: Create a collection of different types of logos of real businesses

Note that you are not supposed to create logos at this stage. You are only to search for and collect logos for real businesses. You may start from businesses in your community online or offline. Do you follow any business on social media? Go grab their logo now.

Save these logos in a folder, and try to get as many as a hundred different logos across different industries. Get for small businesses, and get for corporations. Get logos of non-profits, and that of non-governmental organizations. Do not limit it to online brands alone, or service businesses but rather, ensure you have for all range of ventures including the coffee shop across the block.

Time required: 60 minutes at least, 3 hours at most.
30 minutes to make notes of what you have and what you do not have. For No. 7, you may take another 30 minutes to search the Internet and make a list of the skills.

To do:

  • Create the folder for the collection of logos
  • Group the logos into different types using your own judgement
  • Is there any local business that did not have a logo? Make note of them, you will make a logo for them free when you start your practice
  • Select the logos you love most, copy them, and put them in a subfolder named ‘beautiful-logos’ or something like that

Next: Break

Take a break and continue tonight, or tomorrow depending on what time it currently is around you.

Step 4: Recreate three to five different logos

  • Select one logo from your collection to recreate in your graphics editing software. It does not need to be in exact form as the original but try to be as close to it as possible
  • Make a note of how long it took you to recreate a semblance of the logo
  • As you attempt to make the logo, make a note of the aspects of its design you do not know how to achieve or were unable to achieve
  • Repeat above actions for another logo till you have successfully made five logos

Time required: 180 minutes at least and 24-hours at most.

To do

  • Make five logos in a graphics software

Step 5: Watch the making of logos

Search video sites on the Internet for videos showing graphic designers or logo designers at work creating logos. You may search Youtube if you do not know any other source of such materials.

Time required: 60 minutes at least and 4 hours (240 minutes) at most.

To do

  • Find videos showing how designers made their logos from start to finish


Take a break and continue tonight, or tomorrow depending on what time it currently is around you.

Step 6: Start learning. Grab a book or sit through a logo-design course

You have created logos, and you have seen designers at work making logos. Finally get yourself a course or a book that teaches how to design logos.

By going through this study plan you have already discovered the real skills required for designing and producing business brand logos, but you can still learn a lot more. Now is the time to reinforce what you have discovered and get more information.

Time required: Five hours (300 minutes) at most.

To do

  • Find about three books or ebooks that teaches the theory and the production of logos and read them
  • Find courses covering the same and enrol


Take a break and continue tonight, or tomorrow depending on what time it currently is around you.

Step 7: Hi Lynda, do you mind a logo?

Lynda is the woman who runs the cafe across the block, and you recently discovered she does not have a logo while collecting logos yesterday. Today you want to give back to the community. So create a logo for Lynda’s business.

Time required: 210 minutes at most.
30 minutes to select three different types of logos from the Internet you think may be suitable for a cafe. One hour each to design a cafe logo based on the ideas from one of the logos you have selected.

To do

  • Search the web for logos of real businesses and select three you think will be nice for a local cafe
  • Using ideas from each of the selected logos make a fresh logo for Lynda’s Cafe
  • Print the logos
  • Visit Lynda and show her your work


Take a break and continue tonight, or tomorrow depending on what time it currently is around you.

Step 8: Practice

The way to improving your logo design skill is through thinking, ideation, and the actual design act. You can develop all those through practicing. Design contests are a handy problem source.

  • Find freelance sites on the Internet or design sites where design competitions are often posted
  • Create logos for some of the expired design contests, the essence of this exercise is not to enter the contest, but to design an entry you would have submitted if you were to participate
  • Post it online and get your online network to evaluate
  • Repeat everyday you have time

Time Required: A maximum of 3 hours per logo

To do:

  • Find design contests site
  • Start creating logos for contests
  • Post on social network and ask for input from your circle


Take a break and continue tonight, or tomorrow depending on what time it currently is around you.

Step 9: Congratulations, freelance logo design jobs are waiting

You may be lucky and had some gigs offered to you while on your pathway; Lynda may have contracted her business logo to you or you may have got client via your social media posts showing your design entries. But you need more clients.

At this point, you are ready to start actively seeking for logo gigs. Use the available freelance websites. A quick tip – take time to make your profile. It does not have to be long or cluttered with too many projects. Rather arranged, and stylish.

Time required: 2 hours each per freelance site to create a profile. Spend one hour everyday per freelance site joined. The one hour will be spent bidding on projects and responding to inquiries from potential clients.

To do:

  • Join freelance sites
  • Complete your profile
  • Bid on freelance projects

Step Next:

  • Take a design course or more than one. You will still learn something from there.
  • Have your own website or blog to host your portfolio
  • Send us your story. Yes we want to hear from you as you go on the pathway from zero skills to logo design jobs.

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