Why don’t we share skills?

We can be of service to our users by sharing what’s been useful to us.

Skills around the web: Announcing the Echo category for repeating or rather, sharing.

Quite a lot of skill resources and information are available on the web, a lot of these are excellent news, updates, tips, and opportunities. But the sad point is majority would not find most of these; the massive lot of quagmire of junk-value, fluff online content ensures that.

It is definitely going to take a lot of work and devotion to locate the best resources available on the web; and that is why we are starting Echo. The same efforts we put into the conception of nice and helpful posts for people who want to learn a new skill would be put into finding and curating valuable and useful training and resources online.

Echo – that’s what we call it. The category that will showcase us bringing quality information from other sources to Great minds deserve promotion, and we will be promoting their content. Please share in the comments what other useful resource we should echo on the blog.

It is an irony that experts spend time and effort to write down and share their thoughts, experiences, and insights and then they will still have to promote the content so that people can come access and get it all for free. The little we can do to assist and make them know their efforts are appreciated is to find out those valuable nuggets and promote them.

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