Skill Weekend

Writing Class at Skill Weekend

Accelerated skill development in writing for new freelance writers.

About the Freelance Writing training

Why freelance writing class? Because earning money is not limited to paid employment through a 9-5 job or through a hustle or small business selling wares from your house or a market stall. 

Freelancing helps you earn money selling services to clients all over. You are not limited to local clients, but the world at large. You are not earning Nigeria naira or Ghana cedis but rather USD (dollars).

The top skill for working on your own is freelance writing. You do not need any special equipment or skill. You can start earning immediately, and your rate increases as your work quality increases.

Skill Weekend is the one-stop place to learn freelance writing and get jobs as a freelance writer.

The maiden Freelance Friday Class holds every Friday in June.

Freelance Friday Class Requirements

  1. Active email address
  2. At least a credit in the language of choice, preferably English
  3. Readiness to start writing immediately
  4. Device to type articles
  5. Good essay writing skills


This live class holds at Akure every Friday in June. Send an application to info @ to participate.

Writing training programme flyer

Writing training programme flyer